The Importance of Website Security, Performance and Maintenance

The invention of websites has leveled the playing field between small and large businesses. Gaining online exposure through a website has become simple, within a few hours you have designed a page that highlights your company. As cybersecurity threats and hackers are becoming more prominent, having a website that is secured from malicious attacks is crucial in protecting your important company file and information. These are a few tips in making sure your website is safe and performs optimally.

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Secure Web Host

All websites are hosted on a web host server. Finding a good web hosting can improve site load times, improve SEO ranking, security, and technical support that answers all your website-related question.

Siteground is a perfect beginner-friendly secure web host that meets all your web hosting needs. SSL security and Firewalls protect your website from spam and malicious attacks coupled with a daily backup ensuring that your files are always protected.

Secure Website

WordPress is a website content management system that builds and maintains websites without any knowledge of coding. Used by 30% of websites on the internet today, it has become the best platform for companies to create aesthetic user-friendly websites within minutes. Thousands of plugins that help adapt and change to your current needs for your business.

As new cyberthreats are being developed every single day, make sure you check for installing updates on your site.

WordPress Core Updates protect the overall platform and your website from common threats. Failure to update may make your site vulnerable that results in loss of valuable data.

Theme Updates is the code that stylizes your website. Updating the theme provides minor enhancements, security, compatibility, and stability.

Plugins provide extra functionality to your websites. Updates often enable or enhance new functionality for your website. Including new features, improved performances, bug fixes, and improved security.


Every company has vital information that they can’t afford to lose. Disasters can happen at the worst times leading to the loss of data and your business. Backups provide peace of mind, safeguarding against a failed hard drive or server, allowing you to restore your website and business immediately without losing revenue.

Security Monitoring and Protection

Having constant protection from hackers is essential for your website’s safety. Having daily website scans, automated malware removal, and vulnerability patching is essential in blocking harmful traffic from entering your website.

Maintenance Tools

A maintenance plan is essential in optimizing your website’s performance and security.  

Page load speeds are essential for Google search rankings and increasing the flow of users accessing your site. Here’s a speed test tool to check the speed of your website and have recommendations to improve it.

Broken Links are links that don’t work, reducing user experience and potential customers. Regularly check all your links, ensuring they point to the correct pages.

As technology is always improving, websites need to be continually updated. Having the best website, web host, and security and maintenance tools can optimize user experience and increased sales.

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